Ambassador Profile Mattis Vainikainen

Name: Mattis Vainikainen
Instagram: @mattisvainikainen
Country: Sweden
Form of Fitness: Men’s Physique Competitor

I am Mattis (41 years old) from Stenungsund, Sweden. I have 3 beautiful children and I work as an assistant teacher for ages 10-13. I also have my own company as an Online Personal Trainer. Later this year I will go back to school to become a Web Developer which I am really looking forward to as I am extremely passionate about solving problems and I’m looking forward to be a part of the future of the tech industry.

Background of Mattis Vainikainen

For many years my life was like a rollercoaster. Everything from my parents separating when I was 12, stepdad being murdered, my uncle taking his own life, and my little brother dying from a drug overdose are events that made their marks on my life. All of this was tough for me and I started to gain weight which I didn’t notice due to being so affected by all the events.

Life Changer

One day when I was around 30 and made my unhealthy food in the kitchen, I walked by a picture of me and my girlfriend as usual. But this time I stopped and looked a second time. What!? Is that really me? From being an Elite Sports Athlete to gaining +20kg overweight. From that day I changed my life. I got myself a gym membership, changed my food, and worked out twice a day. It was hard work and I told myself to not give up. My goal was to change my life to be a healthy father and be a good role model. After some months I lost my overweight and I was enjoying life again. Now I love helping others changing their life exactly the way I did so that they can live a much happier life with their families. ️

Better Bodies Lifestyle

I started to compete in Men’s Physique 2015 and got in contact with Better Bodies. I always loved their style and clothes so I wanted to become a part of them. I was so happy when they accepted my application as an ambassador, it was amazing! Now I’ve been a part of Better Bodies for 4 years and I can’t think of another company I’d rather represent. Hopefully I’ll compete winter 2019 again in Mens Physique as a veteran 40+. Thanks a lot Better Bodies for believing in me!


Don’t keep living in bad choices when you can change and make it better. You are beautiful as you are, but you can build a stronger you. Always be you and live your own life. #BYOUI