Liao Zhi Quiang – Dedication For Life

Chinese Liao Zhi Quiang is a 23 year old Better Bodies ambassador who, as so many other fellow ambassadors, fell in love with training. Liao Zhi Quiang has also made his passion his profession. Check out his story.

My Introduction To Sports

In 2013, I was still a skinny boy in high school. At that time, I loved basketball and was discovered by the high school basketball team coach. He believed that I had the talent required, and I joined the team as a result. At that time, I didn’t do any strength training. Most of the time, we had physical practice with focus on agility training, endurance training, etc.

Falling In Love

During a game in 2014, my ankle was seriously injured because of a rough physical encounter with my opponent. The doctor told me that recovery would take time and that I might not be able to participate in training and games for a longer period.

During this period of rehabilitation I wanted to get stronger, so I started going to the gym. At that time, I was skinny and only weighing 55 kg. I was determined to transform myself into a muscle warrior, so that I could return to the court to recover my honor and confidence. However, as I spent more time training, my body became stronger and stronger, and I slowly realized that I had fallen in love with bodybuilding. I never dreamed that I would embark on this bodybuilding path where there is no turning back. Bodybuilding has not only become my hobby, it is now my profession and a career that I am willing to pursue and dedicate myself to for life.

Finding My True Self

When I was preparing for the national competition (bodybuilding) in 2018, I left to train away from home, to undergo strict and rigorous preparations for the competition. During this period, I trained with weights twice a day and did 4 cardio sessions every day. Every day was a repeat of the previous and the strict diet, exhaustion and muscle soreness I endured is something ordinary people won’t understand.

This period was undoubtedly hard, but I also found my true self. I had persisted and overcome any obstacles due to the motivation I had. Deep in my heart my goal was to stand on the stage and win what I considered to be mine – the gold medal. So, in 2018, I harvested the first gold medal in my life. This was not only an honor for me, but also a testimony to my efforts during this period.

Enjoying The Journey

It has been six years since I found my way into the gym, I am 23 years old now in 2019. Looking back, I started out as a weak high school student and today I am a recognized fitness athlete who runs my own gym.

During the past 6 years, I have enjoyed every strength training session, the strict diet requirements, and the work that accompanied it every day. Perhaps in the eyes of ordinary people, my daily life may be too difficult to adhere to, but in my opinion, developing what I like to do into my own career is a thing that gives it a soul. I want to live by my own beliefs.

Fitness – The Lifestyle I Love

Currently, I love and enjoy my life. In my own iron gym, I have a lot of like-minded bodybuilding friends. We train together, share tips and techniques, and even travel together. At the same time, I also participate in large and small bodybuilding competitions every year.

I enjoy good food and life during the non-competition season, and train hard and exercise strict self-discipline during the competition season. Fitness has become the lifestyle I love. I am hoping to inspire more fitness enthusiasts to follow their dreams!