New York City

Better Bodies is a brand born in New York City. When creating our products we are going through New York City and celebrating the many neighborhoods, the wide variety of cultures and customs that make up the melting pot of New York City. Keep in mind that these neighborhoods often have a culture of their very own. They do not often meld but peacefully co exist. Our journey through these cultures should be reflected in our assortment.



Astoria is a prominent neighborhood in Queens New York that consists of Greek and Hispanic descendants. The feeling and the attitude reflects our raw Better Bodies women very well. She is self assured, feminine with a clear “don’t mess with me unless I give you the go ahead-attitude”. Our Astoria capsule mixes very well with the Chelsea capsule that we released in January.



Harlem is a neighborhood rich in afro-american culture located at the northern tip of Manhattan just touching the top of Central Park. Harlem has inspired art, literature, film and music for decades. Our layer on layer capsule embodies this multi dimensional culture where beyond every layer there are more stories to be told. Pants are to be worn on the hip and bottom leg is to be slightly pulled up to expose the ankles. This is to give a relaxed drop crotch look. Where our inspiration below is on smaller models the look originally is best suited to guys with a more muscular and robust body that fill out the layers to give a true Harlem feel.