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From Better Bodies Challenge to World Championships Finals

As we approach March and Better Bodies Challenge 2020, we'll feature both new and experienced competitors and let them share their story.

First out is Better Bodies ambassador and Men's Physique Competitor Farbod Chaharlang. My competition career started with Better Bodies Challenge 2017 together with my coach Josef. The result was a gold and a bronze. It was a fulfilling and really fun first show due to the overall experience.

After Better Bodies Challenge 2017 i competed in 5 more shows the same year. This resulted in 1st place at Swedish Championships, and I had the honor of representing Sweden at the Nordic Championships. After this I took a competition break until 2019 where Josef and I re-started the efforts and won Swedish Championships and the overall and was selected to compete at the World Championships. Before World Championships we also competed in Finland at the Nordic Cup.


Farbod Competition Results: 2017 Better Bodies Challenge: 1st & 3rd 2017 Sweden Grand Prix: 2nd 2017 Tyngre 5: 1st x 2 2017 Tyngre 6: 1st & 2nd 2017 Swedish Championships: 1st & 3rd 2017 Nordic Championships: 3rd 2019 Swedish Championships: 1st & Overall winner 2019 Nordic Cup, Finland: 3rd 2019 World Championships Fujairah: 5th

I'd recommend both new competitors and experienced athletes to compete at Better Bodies Challenge. It is a professionally arranged competition with a great stage and lighting and a really nice backstage area. This gives you as a competitor the ability to show off your physique in the best possible ways, plus to have a great final after all the hard that has been put into dieting and training for the show.


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  • From Better Bodies Challenge to World Championships Finals

    From Better Bodies Challenge to World Championships Finals

    Better Bodies ambassador Farbod Chaharlang chose Better Bodies Challenge as his first competition.