My Journey: Chase Berger

I’ve been involved with sports my entire life, one sport I excelled at from a young age was martial arts. I earned my black belt at the age of 14, from one of the best in the business- Grand Master Roy Kurban. By 15 I had achieved a national ranking, won state championships and was training with the US Junior Olympic Team.

After a heated disagreement with the grand master a year later, I had given up martial arts because I believed it wasn’t the “cool” thing to do anymore. I wanted to hang out with my “friends” and rebel all the time. For the next few years, I was in and out of trouble- drugs, alcohol, fights and depression. Later that year, I was shipped off to a juvenile detention center.

At school I was picked on and made fun of for being different. The only thing that helped me take my mind off things was working out. I found myself doing thousands of push ups, pull-ups and crunches wishing I were bigger and stronger so that I could defend myself. After a few months being away from the drugs, alcohol and partying my body started getting back to how it was when I was in my prime doing martial arts. When I turned 18 I was released from Juvenile Hall, and received my diploma, and moved to Galveston, Texas get away from my negative peers.

To help make ends meet I had my friend, who was recovering from drug addiction move with me as well. I could help him get clean and he could help me with the bills. I got a job as a valet and working the 5am shift of a small gym on the boardwalk.I would work all day and night then train, read, and lay in the sun early mornings to midday. I read every magazine article, book, and training cert I could get my hands on, I was hooked. I stayed in Galveston and methodically lived the life.

No partying. No poor influences. No distractions.

But my friend began having issues on his road to recovery and I decided it was time to come back. After a full year of my commitment to this lifestyle change, I came back and shocked the people who had been around me before.

People started treating me with this respect I hadn’t been given before, girls who had no interest in me in the past, seem to all of the sudden love me. I started to have more confidence in who I was, what I was capable of, and I found my real passion in life.

The lifestyle changed helped me physically – yes. But it changed my mentality more.

I began to believe I could achieve things. I realized I was a leader meant to guide people to a healthier lifestyle. I could motivate people and help them improve every aspect of their life!When I got out of boarding school I had the first major tragedy in my life- my best friend who was battling his demons with drugs and alcohol passed away. It was then that I decided to dedicate every second of my life to helping others conquer their challenges. To push past the fears holding them back in life. They could surpass the limits they put on themselves.

After working for others for 5 years at box gyms, I opened my own gym that offers rehabilitation, sports specific training, sports massage, yoga and nutrition coaching. We are private so the client can focus solely on themselves and not have to worry about being judged or intimidated. We increase their strength physically, spiritually, AND mentally.

Changing your life won’t always be easy, but it will always be worth it!

-Chase Berger