Dare To Flare

The Jazz Pants are Back

In the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s jazz pants with a flare were seen on almost every woman in the dance and aerobic studios as well as in the gyms. They have been made from various materials throughout the years such as stretch, cotton and shiny slick polyester, but the flare design remains as popular from year to year.

Flashback To The Past

How do Better Bodies match with the flare trend? Pants like this also have a great history in dancing and movements related to training. The most related sports may be dance, but as a brand Better Bodies always strive to include and be in trend on a doable level that gives our community a feeling of recognition and excitement. Better Bodies also have a history with the flare jazz pants. Do the names Cherry Hill Jazz Pants or Shaped Jazz Pants give you any nostalgic flashbacks? Well, it sure do for us!

Here are some nostalgic flash back pictures on our Cherry Hill Jazzpants:

Dare To Flare!

Now the flare is back, and we are happy to bring life to those 70’s memories again! This time we took them to a new level with the Chrystie Flare Pants. These pants are made with single cotton jersey/elastane as the material. They have a high waist and a clean finish to make them suitable for both every day life, or your option of workout. Believe in the trend, believe in the flare, and dare to B-You!