John Plogell – From Boxing to CrossFit

Header photo by Macelo Tapia.

John Plogell is a dedicated CrossFit athlete. How did he get started and how does training affect his life in general? Join us as we get to know John a little better.

Abundance of Energy

As a kid I always had a lot of energy and growing up in a small town with not so much to do, it was hard to challenge that energy. That made me get into a lot of fights and after a while my mom got sick of it and took me to a boxning academy. when I started being physically active my life changed a lot. I now used my energy in boxing instead of getting in to trouble.

When I got older I wanted to do something else and boxing had been a big part of my life, so I knew I wanted to keep pushing it in sports. Going to the gym alone isn’t really me so I googled and found something called CrossFit. After watching a few YouTube videos I just got hooked and went to the closest CrossFit box to sign up. Since then it has just been an awesome ride.

No Regrets

I just wanna start by telling everyone that says “I could do that if i had the time.” that you sure need more than just time. I’ve been so broke that I had to choose which meal I could eat, which bill to pay or not. I’ve even been homeless. It takes more than just time. For me it has always been about not regretting it when I get old. I want to know that I did it when I had the chance to do it. It’s not about how good I get, it’s about knowing that I took advantage of the opportunity when i had it.

Life Focus

By focusing on boxing and later CrossFit I learned how to control my energy and be more active and more focused in everything I do i life. It made a huge impact that is just for the better for me.

Lose Some, Win Some

When you start focusing on something wholeheartedly you lose some and you win some. The people who understand your determination to your sport will push you and wants to give you all the love they can to help you. And that’s all that matters.

I’m lucky to have an awesome family who’s always tried to support as much as they can. My mom is a superhero in this case.

Next Up

Next up for me is just keep training and trying to be part of the top competitions around Europe – and stay there for as long as I enjoy it.