Sandra Jokic – A Positive Mindset

Sandra Jokic is a Better Bodies ambassador and a previous world champion in Bikini Fitness. She earned a Pro Card in the division and now runs her own coaching company, Lewel. Her goal with the company is to help strengthen others, mentally and physically.

When following Sandra one thing that stands out is her extremely positive mindset. We catch up with Sandra to see if she has any tips for others on how she does it.

I have always been a happy girl, unless I’m on my period or is few weeks out from competition, then I may cry. But other than that, I’m extraordinary happy. So happy that I actually got expelled from school once. They thought I was high, but no, I was just me, being happy.

I remember when I first realized I needed to improve my mindset. It was on my way to the first competition. I have never had high beliefs about myself or ever thought I was any better than anyone else. I also did not know if competing was something for me since I had those thoughts and did not think anything special about myself. I had to give myself a pep-talk sayin to myself that “OK, you can complete this competition and just go on with your life, or you can do this and start talking positive to yourself, believe in yourself and tell yourself that you are good”. So, I chose to start believing in myself, and that was when I started developing a “champion mindset”.

Being aware your own thoughts and how you speak to yourself is maybe the hardest and most important lesson to learn during life. Over 80% of what you tell yourself during a day is typically “said” with a negative tone. What you say to yourself is affecting your everyday life, your body and how you integrate with the world around you. And on top of this, the negative things you say to yourself is also most likely bullshit. Life is too short to be negative. And being the opposite is so easy.

SMILE, smile, smile smile. Open your eyes. Look at people around you, meet them with a happy face and you will most likely get one back. Instead of spiraling down in the negative pattern we already are familiar with, try to learn something from the situation and find at last one positive thing. Life is better, funnier and more enjoyable with a positive mindset. Accept things as they happen, care more, smile, and train your mind to be positive.