Ambassador Profile Martina Thors

Name: Martina Thors
Instagram: @murrex
Country: Finland
Form of Fitness: Weightlifting and functional HIIT training are my favorites.

How do you include fitness in your lifestyle?

These past few years I’ve made it easy for myself, I’ve studied part time and the rest of the time I’ve spent on training and doggy walks. I loved my lifestyle before I became pregnant, now I’ve got a completely different situation in front of me. I’m giving birth to my first child and I don’t think I understand how much time my baby  will need and how hard it’s going to be to come back to my old shape. But one step at a time. At first I just want to play around again with my sweat and adrenalin, then later I can start focusing on building my body again. I’ve gained a lot of weight and I’m a little worried about how to lose every kilogram again, but I hope my body will do the biggest job for me. I think I’m going to have a hard time balancing life and training after my pregnancy, because I often take things a little bit too serious.

What motivates/inspires you in life and your fitness?

A great motivator to my fitness is other Instagram users who post daily about their training and their motivation and inspiration.
I also love the feeling of getting stronger, faster and healthier. And I like eating candy and cake so a big motivator is that before cake I have to train or else, no cake!

Tell us your story

I’ve always had a hard time loving my body, even if there never has been anything wrong with it. I’ve never been too fat or too skinny, I’ve just never liked it. When I quit my soccer career as a teenager, I had to find a new interest in life, at first I only went the gym playing around a little with comfortable weights. I had a hard time dealing with all the dudes who wanted to tell me how to train, I always chose to go to the gym when I knew it was empty because of all those. Then going to the gym became a hobby since like 3 years ago and I dared to advance my training a bit and suddenly I wasn’t afraid of those dudes anymore. Last year I went to Mallorca on a training camp with Pischa Strindstedt and ever since, I’ve been in love with HIIT training. I love all kinds of workouts, as long as it’s sweaty, the sweat and the adrenalin keep me going.  Now I’m 9 months pregnant (due date in May), and I have had a hard time holding myself back with my workouts. I have been hitting the gym for a few times in a week but in the third trimester I’ve only used machines and that’s hard for me because I love free weights, jumps and stuff like that. I miss those burpees and box jumps and so on, I can’t wait until I’m not pregnant anymore, I want to train hard again!