Ambassador Profile Josiah Sanchez

Name: Josiah Sanchez
Instagram: @josiahaesthetics
Country: USA
Form of Fitness: Men’s Physique Competitor

This is my story of how my love for fitness started, a story very few know because of how personal it is. However, I’m more than happy to share it here because, why not?

How It All Begun

In the beginning of summer 2012 transitioning from 8th grade going into my first year at high-school, my brother came into my room and woke me up with words I’ll never forget. He said: “Let’s go bro, we gotta get you big before high school; you’ve seen all the movies about freshman year, and I can’t have that.”

Early Mornings

So, every morning that summer he’d wake me up at 7:30 in the morning to get our workout in. Keep in mind; it was summer vacation and no teenager wants to get up that early. But there was something about it that I actually enjoyed. These workouts would always be circuits, a group of 5+ exercises done back to back with no rest until the full circuit was done. We’d do things like running in place at the front door for 30 seconds, lunge all the way to the back door, pushups, and a handful of other exercises done in the backyard with tools and anything else we could use as weight – which sometimes meant the other person.

Despite getting up and doing this every morning all summer I didn’t see much progress, but it turned into something I fell in love with. I wasn’t sure I wanted to pursue training to a full extent, but I was itching for more. I wanted an actual gym membership. 

Gym Debut

Shortly after the summer ended, I was able to talk my entire family into getting a LA Fitness membership. Here is where my love for training grew even deeper.

As my brother was more gravitated towards the treadmills and endurance type of training, I personally saw the beauty in weight training.

During my time at the gym, I didn’t know much about weight training. I watched YouTube videos to try to put together a workout for the day, which I enjoyed, but it was a lot of work. And unfortunately, that struggle didn’t last long since my family wanted to cancel their membership after only a few months. I did not have a drivers’ license so I couldn’t get there if they didn’t go. I ended up getting my own membership at a small “hole in the wall” gym. 


The day my brother left for the navy and I wouldn’t be able to see him for a while I was all of a sudden alone and didn’t have the accountability for the workouts anymore. It sucked, I hated it, but I didn’t express any of it to others.

Making It Count

However, shortly after he left, something clicked inside of me that I couldn’t shake. He had left but my love for working out skyrocketed. I just wanted to keep doing what he had introduced me to, which eventually made me want to do it on a much larger scale. To this day, I wear dog tags with my brother’s name on them, and you’ll probably never see me without them on. And every workout I do, I try to make count, no matter how tired I am, in order to reflect what he showed me years ago. Today the tables have turned, he is the one asking me for advice now.

Better Bodies comments: Josiah competed at the NPC LA Grand Prix last year and won Novice class D. He is currently getting ready to compete again in 2020. Josiah wants to challenge himself and show people the change and that goals are achievable if you’re willing to do some sacrifices.