Combine your passion
with what the world needs
and you will find your purpose!

The SF Group “WHY” is to create a more active fitness lifestyle in the world by working for a life that has fitness as a natural part of our lives.
Our vision is to create a strong social belonging being an authentic …destination for fitness with an open-door concept for those that wants to join us with dedication and passion to bring innovation and a no compromise spirit to the mission growing the fitness movement in the world. A fitness transformation of the world is our mission and our WHY.

On the CSR topic few knows that we in SFG with GASP, Better Bodies and …destination created 280 female owned companies in the poorest parts of the world that brought more than 1400 people out of extreme poverty.
That we in both Stockholm and Dallas during 2017/2018 participated with all our staff in afterschool programs where we got a chance to interact and teach our beliefs in fitness with more than 300 kids to help them live more healthy in all aspects of life. Many kids grow up without a healthy role model in their life that in a fun way teaches them about the importance of healthy habits and how that can help create their own leadership around health and how that promotes a foundation for success and happiness in life.

Few know that during 2018 we have eliminated over 100,000 single use plastics from our assortment. That we replaced over 40,000 garmets made from conventional cotton with Better Choice Fabric in the BCI program and the Tencel program for a better sustainability in the world.
Few know that all of our factories gets audited and that we have personally visited 90% of all our production facilities during the last 12 months and that we facilitated more than 700,000 products and 75,000 workouts with more than 500 people in a personal transformation program.

That we have more than 500 athletes and influencers in our team and have more than 20 articles being transparent and inspirational about various parts of our business together with more than 100 videos.

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