Vesey Limited Tights & Vesey Bra

Our community was longing for a new pair of low waist tights and Vesey Limited Tights are the result of that. These tights are limited edition and only produced in 500 pieces worldwide.

The fit is inspired by our iconic Camo long tights that features a low waist and an elastic waistband.

The shiny fabric creates a bold but feminine look. Vesey Limited Tights features a low waist but to make them work for all types of workouts, even squats, we made the back a bit higher – which also creates a nice v-shape on the front.

Vesey Limited Tights are delivered in a small string bag made of the same shiny material as the tights. The idea of the bag came from thinking about sustainability and we wanted to create something that these tights could be delivered in which also could be used as a bag, two-in-one! Vesey Limited Tights matches perfectly with the Vesey Bra.

Shapes and shine were in focus when designing this sports bra. This bra is not only unique with it’s shine, it’s a limited production and only produced in 500 pieces worldwide.

The wrap around the waist enhances your shape and the shiny fabric matches the Vesey Limited Tights and Vesey Tights (the later being released in August).

Vesey Bra has adjustable straps and removable foam pads for better comfort.