Meet The Team - Cecilia Wallenholm

How do you train?

I'm doing my workouts in the morning, before work. Yoga, Body pump and Spinning.

What/Who motivates or inspires you in life and your fitness?

I love my life and I have learned that time is only borrowed! When I train, I see it as an investment in time for a longer and happier life. I feel good in body and soul when I exercise.

Have you always been into training?

I made a weight trip after giving birth to 3 wonderful children, born 1993, 1995 & 1996. The pregnancies were very between and with a weight gain of 30 kilos per child it has been a struggle for many years to find myself back in a body that I am ok with.

Today I am 47 years old and I love food. In combination with exercise I get a balance in life that suits me.

Why you love working with SF Group?

20 years in this wonderful company speaks for itself! I have probably worked in all departments during my years with SF Group. The last 14 years I have worked with sales and customer service for our B2B partners, which suits me perfectly. I love being there for our partners 24/7.

Do you have any life changing moments to share?

When my first-born daughter was 8 months old she suffered from a brain tumor. She couldn't defeat the tumor and we lost Linn at only sixteen months old.

Experiencing a loss like created the foundation of the person I am today. I enjoy life to 100% and I am a strong believer of the statement that: it is only you, yourself, who can decide how you want to live your life. I live life with pleasure and I try to spread love and joy to anyone who end up in my path.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

I try to spend my free time with my family and friends. I love ice hockey, so during the hockey season I spend many hours in different arenas around Stockholm. To see my son exercise a sport that I have always loved gives me happiness.

I have an old dog, lady Troja. She is eleven years old and has a place in my heart that no other dog will be able to replace.

I love the ocean and open fire so I spend many lovely moments in front of the fireplace or just sitting and looking out over the ocean at our country house. This gives me joy. And last but not least, I love to dance!

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