Classic Physique Shoulder Training With Chris Miller

“The first thing that men and women notice on a physique typically is shoulders.”

Chris Miller competed in Men’s Physique at the amateur Olympia last September and is now debating crossing over into the Classic Physique division. Regardless of division the v-taper complete with full round deltoid development is a pre-requisite to hitting the stage.

Here, we link up with Chris back in Texas at the Better Bodies North American headquarters and get a brief recap of his experience at the amateur Olympia and thus his thoughts around switching to competing in Classic Physique.

His main take aways’ with his shoulder training are to have:
1) Intensity – your ability to push past pain/burn
2) Volume – a variety of exercises and plenty of reps and sets
3) Low rest periods to maximize the intramuscular blood volume

Check out his shoulder training here and let us know what you want to see next. Stay tuned to for constant updates.