Purpose Driven Training: Mary Rossi

Living the fitness lifestyle can mean a wide diversity in what and how to exercise. Different passions, different goals – but with the same dedication for training and living an active and healthy lifestyle!

Something that often is a common denominator in above is gym training. This serves as an important foundation to succeed in different kinds of sports.

During the upcoming months we will publish a series with several different Better Bodies ambassadors who are passionate and active in different kinds of sports but have one thing in common; the gym as the foundation. Whether the main purpose is to build strength, stability, becoming more explosive, loosing weight or gaining weight they all go to the gym to achieve it.

“Everyone is pushing it really hard in the gym so it comes down to who has the best mental game. Sometimes I feel bad because I come off kind as aggressive. I just have to get in the zone because we are lifting tons of weight and its not a pretty thing.”

Mary Rossi is an olympic lifter from Plano, Texas. After growing up as a very energetic child and getting involved in gymnastics and athletics at an early age, she would move on to other sports when her current sport got too intense and advanced.

“I want to prove something to myself too. I had a habit of quitting when it got to the advanced level. I just really want to stick with something to the end.”

The lifts Mary competes in are the snatch and clean and jerk. Mary has to build explosiveness with box jumps shown here and very sound technique to utilize leverage and momentum to lift as heavy and safe as possible.

“The very end goal would be the Olympics. I love this sport, I just have never been as passionate as I am about this. I just love it.”