Quinlin Caltabiano – Bettering Yourself

Quinlin Caltabiano discovered athletics and the satisfaction and camaraderie of competition in high school sports. Shortly after turning 16, earning a varsity position and having a peak in strength and performance in general Quinlin was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Leukemia. Aggressive treatment ensued along with the extensive toll it took on his body.

“I lost a bunch of weight and nearly lost (the battle) a few times. Once I was in remission I never wanted to be that weak again.”

Quinlin made a full recovery, bounced back and continued strength training all the while moving to Texas, graduating from Texas Tech and becoming a police officer for the Garland Police Department. He wants to share his story and inspiration with as many people as possible that can take away something positive from it. Check it out and follow him here and on instagram @quincaltabiano.