Strong Athletic Body – Misty Statum, Texas State Figure Champion

Misty Statum grew up in a small town in Texas and has since middle school had an affinity and talent for athletics. Misty has always combined passion and purpose and has consistently turned her love for physicality in the gym or the field into opportunities. Since graduating from the University of Houston with a kinesiology degree, she has maintained a hungry and creative entrepreneurial mindset from owning and operating her own personal training business and studio, to turning her marketing and graphic design creative outlet into her main business.

“Having my own training studio, I made my own logo and marketing material to promote my own training business. I fell in love with the marketing side and realized it was what I wanted to do full time.”

Her athletic passions have lead her to prepare for her first figure competition at this years Texas State Championships which happens to be a qualifier for the NPC Nationals where pro cards are offered to all class winners. Misty’s prep was not void of obstacle and difficulty since the NPC Texas State Championships has a history of being one of the most competitive national qualifiers.

“You just always have to be your best. No one is going to take it easy. You just always have to kill what you do and never slack.”