NPC Worldwide Competitions In Sweden

We, GASP and Better Bodies, are headquartered in the United States, which makes it natural for us to work with NPC when it comes to events, collaborations and athletes.

NPC, based in the USA, is linked to the IFBB Pro League with Olympia as the final goal for many athletes. NPC is now growing at a rapid pace in the rest of the world and Europe and the creation of NPC federations and therefore competitions in several countries is gradually increasing.

Our company has a long history of helping competing athletes around the world to achieve their dreams which for some is to compete at the highest level in the United States. Among our athletes that we have in the team today, a predominant part is already competing in, or wants to compete in the NPC both on local and international levels.

As we have done for over 30 years, we see it as our duty to help develop the industry in a direction we believe is a good path for our brands and our athletes. Based on our history and home base, what the industry looks like today, and where we see that the sport is heading, it is logical for us to choose to work together with NPC.

We are currently planning, together with our former partner, our first NPC competitions in Sweden and hope that you want to be part of our journey!


October 9, 2021 - NPC Better Bodies Challenge

November 27, 2021 NPC Better Bodies Nationals

March 19, 2022 - NPC Sweden Grand Prix by GASP (Pro Qualifier)

More details about the individual competitions will be released as soon as possible.

For questions, contact [email protected] or [email protected]

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