Train Together Stay Together

Better Bodies Athletes Dino and Jessica share their secrets for a successful relationship where both are actively competing.

Who are Dino & Jessica?

Dino, 27, and Jessica, 25, live together in Helsingborg, Sweden.

When they met, Dino was already already hooked on the gym training living the fitness lifestyle. Jessica did some weight training but not that serious. It was when Dino and Jessica met in 2015 and they started to go to the gym together she also got more serious herself with her gym training and goals.

Competition credentials

Dino has competed twice as a junior in Bodybuilding and done 4 competitions in Mens Physique, with a first place at the Sweden Grand Prix 2017 as the most proud moment.

Jessica has done several competitions, the European Championships with the Swedish national team, among others. She is most proud of the Swedish Championships 2018 which gave her gold medals in both junior and senior as well as an overall win.

Weight training was the start their love and relationship

We started talking in the gym and eventually working out together. And so our love grew too! The fitness lifestyle and strength training became a common thing that with love in parallel grew and developed together.

Jessica and Dino

Sharing the same goal

We both share the long term goal of growth both physically and mentally through the gym and our strength training. And we need it both to feel good, a way to "ventilate" in everyday life. The joy of training and well-being drives us to continue. We are also driven by developing physics, which is a lifelong work. And to see the progression! Seeing your progress in the gym and getting stronger is an unbeatable feeling. Training is a given fact in our everyday life and it is here to stay for life.

Have fun and do what gives you good energy!

We have a fairly similar attitude to life. It is important to do what you think is fun and that gives a good energy! To remove everything that gives a bad energy and to find a good balance in everyday life. Even if you are goal-oriented and work hard on several fronts from work to training and other projects, it is important not to forget to spend time with friends and family and your partner. To value the relationships. Exercise is life and a big part of it - but it's not your whole life.

The key to becoming a dream team

It takes two for a relationship to work, that both make an effort and do their best to make everyday life easier for each other. Listen and show understanding, respect each other's goals and dreams, work together as a team. Celebrate each other's successes and support each other's setbacks. Cheering on each other for everything in life. Not every day is good, but with having the right person by your side that doesn’t matter. Do not take the other for granted and do not forget to have fun together along the way, says Jessica. Also – to see the other person work and train hard is motivating. If I see Jessica crushing it in the gym, it motivates me, Dino interjects.

In sickness and in health

I love watching Jessica succeed while I hate watching her fail. You can rejoice in each other's successes when you know what the other has gone through. Like for example last time Jessica competed, she had an extremely tough diet of 12 weeks, which then resulted in her becoming the best in Sweden. The happiness I experienced then was indescribable because I knew how hard she had worked for it. It was almost like I had won myself. When it comes to setbacks, you are also affected there. You have been on the road and know how much things have meant to the other and how much you have worked for it. So when things don't go as planned, they might as well hit the other one. Jessica adds: Even though we are two individuals, we are also a team. We have experienced both successes and setbacks together that have made us and our relationship stronger. I always want to see Dino succeed, but I always stand behind him if he does not. I know that is mutually.

The importance of supporting each other during intense periods and competition prep

During competition preps, it is important that we pull together better than usual. Everything requires much more planning and understanding. But in that case we are good and stand up for each other. We understand what the other one are going through and try to adapt based on each other's needs and conditions. Of course, sometimes you lose your temper when you are low haven’t been allowed to eat for a few hours and are damn hungry. But as long as you apologize afterwards and try to think of it further on, it's ok. says Dino. Jessica implies that since we both share the same lifestyle, it is easier to understand and support each other, especially on competition prep. During a competition, you easily go into your own bubble where everything revolves around yourself, but if you share everyday life with another person, you must try to adapt to each other. It does not work to be selfish. The times we have competed at the same time, I feel that it has been easier for both of us, because it has been a journey we have made together.

Dino Jessica

To keep love going in the long run

It is so important to find time for each other and socialize, quality time! But it is also important to prioritize your own time. To have a good balance in the relationship between time with your partner and your alone time, especially when you live together. After a few years, it's easy to get comfortable, but do not forget to show appreciation for each other. It can be small things in everyday life that make a big difference.

Competition prep strengthening the relationship

There is a lot that has strengthened us as a couple over the years, above all when we competed together. A competition prep requires so much from both persons. It's tough for the relationship, but at the same time you also grow as individuals and as a couple. You get to know each other on a new level. If you have made it through a competition venture, you are really strong together.

Our best tips for a working relationship and in fact perhaps extra important for you who live in this industry and are actively competing / your partner competes) are these:

  • Collaborate / help each other

  • Listen to each other

  • Respect each other

  • Respect each other's own time

  • Push and motivate each other

  • Give and receive

It is important to be an independent person even if you are in a relationship. It is possible to share life with another human being without constantly being dependent on each other. Do not forget yourself and what you want, but also do not forget your partner's goals and dreams. Accept and respect your differences and find ways to complement each other. Trust is also fundamental for a functioning and sustainable relationship. And to have fun together!

Jessica Dino

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