Anna Stålnacke - Tips For The Perfect X-Shape

Build a bigger upper back Choose different exercises to target the back. I like chins, lat pull-down etc. I recommend to train the back twice a week for the best results.

Build more legs/booty Choose different exercises to target all areas of the legs. For example squats, deadlifts and lunges. Add exercises for isolating the muscles as well. Such as hip thrusts for the booty, leg extensions for the quads and leg curls for the hamstrings. I recommend to train the legs/booty twice a week for the best results.

Hit the biggest muscle-groups often Try to target the biggest muscle groups twice a week. My training split is Day 1 - legs Day 2 - back Day 3 - shoulders and then I repeat... I add abs as after the regular session 3 times/week and arms/chest/calves when I have time and it fits. For example I train arms and abs with back and chest with shoulders once a week.

Loose fat for the waist to tighten My best tips to loose fat is to have a good diet-plan. But also to do high-intense cardio-sessions like intervals! Maintain a balanced diet A balanced diet for me means clean food that provides enough energy and fuel to recover from workouts. Make sure you get all the nutrients you need. I have good carbs, protein and fat in my diet. My best choices are: Carbs: oats, rice and potatoes Protein: fish, seafood, moose (low fat meat), eggs and cottage cheese Fat: nuts, avocado, salmon and coconuts.

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