My Favorites: Nathalia Melo

The Better Bodies assortment is big and sometimes it can be hard to navigate to find for example your favorite pair of leggings.

Our ambassadors are people who wear the Better Bodies brand a bit more than the average person, therefore they also have the ability to quickly list their favorite items.

Check out Nathalia Melo's five favorite items below. Maybe you'll get some inspiration for next time you're picking between the styles.

Rockaway Leggings 

I love the Rockaway Leggings as they are the perfect everyday/running errands/lifestyle fit look.  In fact, as I write this I am actually wearing my Rockaway Leggings in black! I think they are a staple in anyone’s closet as they can easily transition from the gym to a night out.

Gracie Hotpants

The Gracie Hotpants are PERFECT for the Summer! I am not sure how hot it gets during the Summer where you live, but in Texas it can get up to 110 Farenheit and it literally feels like you are living inside a sauna.

Simply the thought of wearing leggings in hot days, makes me want to just stay home in the A/C. These shorts are my go to when the heat is on, not to mention that they fit amazingly. 

Waverly Leggings

These leggings are a show stopper! Every single time I wear the Waverly Leggings to the gym I get asked where I got them. They are very different and trendy, so if you like to stand out and wear something a bit more edgy in the gym, these leggings are for you! 

Performance Halter

I am OBSESSED with these tops. I might have 2 of each color of the Performance Halter as I am afraid Better Bodies won't make them anymore. They fit amazingly and the length is perfect; not too long, nor too short. 

They dry super quick if you sweat a lot like I do, and they go with everything. 

Chances are that if you go to my social media and watch my workout videos, 9 out of 10 videos you will see me wearing a different color of the Performance Halter

Waverly Tee

This is my "trying to look cute but running errands t-shirt". The Waverly Tee is super comfortable, super light, super cute and super versatile. 

You can totally pair it with denim shorts for errands or leggings for the gym - that’s how versatile they are. 

I have them in most colors, and I just alternate them during the week and I am wearing my Washed Green Waverly Tee right now. 

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