Reach Your Training Goals - Pontus Koskelainens 7 Best Tips

Men’s Physique Pro and World Champion Pontus Koskelainen gives his best tips around how to reach your training goals in a smooth, fun and effective way.

1. Set milestones An important thing is to set milestones on your way to your long term goal. It makes you more aware of the progress you make and keeps your motivation high.

2. Be motivated If you're motivated everything will go both easier and faster, and you will experience more excitement during your way. I use different techniques to get motivated. One of them is watching other athletes and people I find inspiring on Youtube. I often do this right before going to the gym.

3. The power of preparation To be prepared is to take responsibility for what you're doing. I plan my upcoming training session while drinking my pre-workout at home before going to the gym so that it kicks in when I start my session.

4. Gearing up I use different outfits and gym gear depending on what session I will be training. For example I like to wear tights for leg sessions and I always use a pair of lifting straps during my back sessions.

5. Staying focused Find your way to stay focused during your gym session. I always bring a pair of headphones to the gym. I like to get into the zone when I train. Find music that "get's you going"! For me hardstyle is the genre of choice.

6. Nutrition is key I find that whatever goals you have in training, the right nutrition is what makes them attainable. Keep focus on eating mostly quality food in enough amounts, and if needed, complement with selected supplements. I always bring an intra workout and a post workout shake (BCAA’s or hydrolysed whey) to the gym and I make sure to eat a proper meal, preferably within 45 minutes after the training session.

7. Do your own thing I’ve found that no matter what you do you can’t make everyone happy. You will have people doubting and questioning the way you travel your journey. Remember it’s your journey – be you!

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