Realize Your Leg Growth Potential

Go heavy to grow your legs... IT'S NOT THAT SIMPLE!

If you limit yourself to the common perspective in bodybuilding that says more weight is better for leg growth then it's a safe bet that your leg growth potential will never be realized. 

In this leg training session at DESTINATION Dallas, IFBB Pro Bernardo Costa is partnering up with amateur bodybuilder Shane Post. Both are competitive bodybuilders actively preparing for competition in the latter part of 2020. Bernardo is 6'3" and Shane is 5'7". With vastly different structures and limb length the mission here is the same for both - to eliminate limiting factors in order to stimulate maximum muscle growth.

Bernardo and Shane are including classic exercises like hack squats, leg curls and leg extensions to get the most out of their leg workout.  

Some concepts covered here that are important and may contribute to or halt leg muscle stimulation: 

Proper Warm Up

In this case Bernardo explains potentiation and how it optimizes the environment of your muscles in regards to electrolytes to be able to FULLY give 100% in your work sets. "If I didn't have the potentiation set then the actual work set would be considerably harder."

Mobility Of Each Movement

When you try to use too much weight too soon, you don't take advantage or even properly execute the whole movement which leads to a lot of imbalances and ultimately injuries and in turn NO growth. 

Knee pain with compound movements

Bernardo explains that a common cause of knee pain is tight calves. "When the calves are tight, they are shortened causing them to pull on the heel hence making you come up on your toes in the bottom of compound movements like the hack squat, which leads to the knee pain that is so common. Stretch out your calves before training."

Train to failure

Most people think they are working hard but usually they have a lot more to give. To get the most out of any training, reaching failure is a must on some of your working sets. That is when you know you give 100% when you physically cant get another rep by yourself. 

Bernardo is preparing for the IFBB Battle of Texas and we are documenting his prep along with Courage Opara who is preparing for the same contest. Shane Post is preparing for the North American Championships where he will compete in both bodybuilding and classic physique for his professional status. 

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