The Hamilton Shorts

Looking for a pair of shorts that can withstand the stress from a hard workout just as well as they can be used for a warm day outdoors? Look no longer!

"The Hamilton Short is definitely one of my favorite Better Bodies shorts to work out in and wear out and about. The comfortable fit makes it easy to lift in and hit a heavy leg day. The material is very comfortable and I would recommend this short to anyone who's all about comfort." - Daniel Sullivan

For more than 30 years Better Bodies have been working together with our community to design and develop products that fit the high demands of hard training individuals who also enjoy activities outside of the gym.

The Hamilton Shorts are perfected from decades of trial and error. They are made from a flexible and comfortable 4-way stretch polyester/elastane fabric. This gives you the range of motion you need for both gym training and other activities.

With zippered pockets you can keep your belongings safe and since the pockets are welt you can close them without risking that the zipper gets in the way of your workout.

"The Hamilton Short is one of the most comfortable designs Better Bodies have made so far. It gives you a badass look outside the gym as well!" - Jesper Östberg

Once you try a pair of Hamilton Shorts you will understand why these are among our athletes’ favorite items, along with other products like the Washington Tee.

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