Ambassador Update April 2019

Better Bodies Ambassador Team,

For those of you who don’t know me, I am Erika Boström, the Marketing Director for SF Group and also the Brand Manager for Better Bodies. I have been with the company for 15 years and the past few years I’ve been out on two rounds of maternity leave. My 3 year old daughter and 1 year old twins keeps me busy when I’m not working. I am so excited to be back full speed at the office and I am looking forward to get to know all of you!

I wanted to reach out and say thank you for being a great ambassador for Better Bodies! Whether you’re new or have been with us for several years you’re an important part of the core of our brand. It’s important that you’re up to date on what is going on - so going forward, you’ll receive a monthly update from me where I’ll give you a run-down of any important events, releases, news, as well as anything you can do to help us spread the message!

Better Bodies is a gym and lifestyle brand that targets everyone who lives the fitness lifestyle. We want to inspire and engage those who takes their training seriously. An important piece of that is our website (which all of you are or should be familiar with). We have a lot of things in the works including everything from a refreshed website with an entirely new technical structure, to a serious mission to create more content than ever before and get it posted and shared through our website, email newsletters, and social media. If you aren’t very familiar with our website/social media or aren’t signed up for our email newsletter, be sure to make that happen so that you have access to all the information needed to fully contribute to our brand and the rest of the Better Bodies community. This way you can also engage with others in the community whenever and wherever possible.

I’d love for you to pass along any feedback, personal stories (that could make good/relevant content for our site), or anything else you have for our team. We’d love to be in touch! Email us on [email protected] I'd also like to mention that we have an open door concept. If you find yourself in Stockholm or Dallas where we have offices, don't hesitate to stop by and say hi!

Focus items through April: If you own any of the below items, please try make some current content with them. We’d also love to hear your opinion of these specific items. BBW: Performance LS Hood, Gracie Hotpants, Chrystie Shiny Tights, Astoria Curve Tights BBM: Harlem Oversized Tee, Tip-Off Tank, Hamilton Shorts Accessories: Basic Gym Belt

April product release dates: April 4 - New Releases (BBW and BBM) April 18 - New Releases (BBW and BBM) April 24 - New Releases (BBW)

April events: April 27 - Better Bodies Content Shoot in Dallas, TX

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