Touchdown at Motala Fitness Center in Motala, Sweden

Motala Fitness Center is owned by Viktor and Linn, both are also competing athletes in Classic Bodybuilding and Wellness. This gym reminds us of our home - Destination Dallas. This gym is modern with an old school vibe and the feeling of coming home is strong when we enter. And of course our logos being up on the walls (Better Bodies, GASP and Destination) reinforces that feeling. 


Here everyone is welcome no matter who they are, what level they are on in their training or what goals they have. Athletes train next to ”Agda 85 years” and ”16 year old Sebastian”. There atmosphere is good in the gym and the support among the members is strong and everyone are pushing each other to get better.

Motala Fitness Center has been open since 2014 with now 400 active and frequently training members.

Viktor and Linn’s vision is to create a gym and place where everyone is welcome. And where the members can find everything under the same roof; training (both gym and classes), food, a place to hang out including a kitchen as well as gaming, supplements, clothing etc. They arrange happenings and meet-ups for the members and athletes. Here you can get help with your training, diet, coaching, competition prep, different physical treatments etc. The gym also have its own competition team. Simply, it should be easy and available to access for everyone and to get the help you need! The couple is also running their own supplement line ”Fantastic Line”. 

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Viktor talks about how he wants to encourage young boys (that for example have bad family conditions or just don’t have a place to go) to use the gym as a free zone; train, eat, hang with their friends, play video games etc. This is so much better instead of hanging around with wrong people making bad decisions. He knows because he was one of them. Viktor have had a tough childhood growing up. He moved around a lot to different homes. He didn't really want to be at home and never felt like he even had a safe place to call home.

Details means everything. The equipment and machines are carefully chosen. On the walls you have inspiring posters, logos and pictures. Photos of all the Mr Olympia winners throughout the years decorate the wall above the dumbbells and mirrors. Viktor even welded an angled stand on the hacklift. This to create alternative ways to put your feet and with that hit your muscles in more ways.

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A mission for Viktor is to help all kinds of people, especially athletes who has high ambitions. For example he has helped Strong Man competitors and young people within motocross, soccer etc. Not only with the training, food and treatments, but to help them grow their mindset and to believe in themselves. It’s easy to lose motivation and to not have faith in yourself when you are young, especially at setbacks. Viktor find a big purpose in helping people to work with their mindset so they can reach their goals, enjoy what they do and hopefully be their best version of themselves.

Viktor, Linn and their gym truly breathe a strong purpose and passion that spills over on anyone that enter their gym or joining their team. If you are in the area, don’t miss out, make sure to visit Motala Fitness Center! 

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