Ambassador Update August 2019

Dear Better Bodies Ambassadors

Greetings from a sunny Sweden. I'm going into my last days of vacation and I feel so ready for the fall! We have so much fun and exciting stuff in the pipe within the SF Group/Better Bodies family and I can't wait to share this exciting journey with you! First of all! Seeing all of the activity and engagement within the Better Bodies Ambassador Facebook group gives me and my colleagues so much positive energy. I really hope all of you find lots of new friends and inspiration from all around the world in this group.  Also, I want to encourage you all to use this forum to post all forms of feedback both positive and constructive. We want to hear how we can improve our work whether it is in regards to product development or communication with you.  Erika

...destination PHASE 2

One of the most exciting things this fall is the move of our home base in Dallas, Texas. …destination is relocating to a new, bigger location with lots of improvements and updates in both equipment and what we offer in regards to training. This is where our gym facility and office will be located and we really hope that as many as possible of all of you have the possibility to come to our grand opening of the new facilities in Allen, Texas November 16th. We will make sure to keep you updated along the way and if you have ever considered making a trip to Texas, this is the time when you should make it happen. We promise our community a Grand Opening event to remember! For the upcoming months …destination Phase 2 will be a standing point in the monthly update emails.


During August we will put a lot of focus into growing our Better Bodies community. We want to welcome all like minded people to be a part of our journey and meet new friends. We're sure you have people around you that would be a great ambassador but may not know about the opportunity yet. During this month let's focus on inviting and including people as we are promoting our Ambassador Search a little extra.  Please share the link with YOUR friends and followers who may be interested in becoming brand ambassadors!


In August we’re making a big change to the Better Bodies Facebook Group. Historically, this group has been exclusive to Better Bodies Ambassadors only. Now it’s time to change and expand on our “inclusive” concept. We’re going to keep the group private, however anyone who has made a purchase from the Better Bodies website within the last 12 months will be able to gain access to the private group. This gives us the chance to grow our community substantially and it will give you all the chance to take the stage as Ambassadors in front our the entire Better Bodies community. This is a huge opportunity for you all to have strong interaction with the rest of the community. We’re extremely excited to make this change and we hope you all are as well! If you are not yet a part of the Facebook Group please make sure to request access as soon as possible.


For many, at least when the weather has been sunny and warm, the gym might have been replaced with outdoor activities.

August usually means returning to work/studies, back to routines and maybe also new training clothing. We have tons of new releases now in August that also can be mixed and matched with running styles.

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