Another improvement on your Astoria Seamless Bra!

We are continuously looking through our products for opportunities to make improvements. Some of the improvements can be seen and felt and others are undetectable, but these can be the most important! We at Better Bodies have made the decision to remove as much Silicone as we can from our products.

WE HAVE BEEN GETTING FEEDBACK FROM OUR COMMUNITY That our Best-selling Astoria seamless bra has changed. “It feels different”, “It feels smaller” are a few of the comments. And this is correct. But not in the way you may think. Many textile products are heavily treated with Silicone which makes the fabric feel very soft and gives a very slick elastic feel. Unfortunately, even if it feels nice it is not always good for us and for our environment. In the Astoria Seamless Bra and many of our other products we have reduced or removed all silicone which can make them feel a bit different. Why have we done this?

TWO REASONS WHY WE STAY AWAY FROM SILICONEOne reason is that even if Silicone is derived from basic sand ( SI- Silicon) it undergoes a heavy chemical process in order to become what is used in clothing. This chemical heavy process is just a part of why we don’t want to use it. We also don’t know where it ends up after it eventually is washed out since it cannot return to its original state. We are finding a buildup of silicone in ocean animals and we can all agree our oceans don’t need any more man made products floating around in them. • The second reason is that silicone can cause skin irritation in some people. So for us this is a no brainer - we simply don’t need it.

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