Jeremy Potvins Favorite Tee

“My favorite shirt by Better Bodies this far has to be the Gym Tapered Tee! The materials used provide a great comfortable fit that holds its shape all day. No matter how many times you take the shirt off, it snaps back into place when put back on. It’s the perfect shirt for gym and everyday use.” - Jeremy Potvin The Gym Tapered Tee is a new favorite among our athletes like for example Jeremy Potvin. This tee is unique as it has a cotton feel to it but still has performance and moisture wicking abilities due to the added elastane.

If you're looking for a shirt that will withstand a tough workout but also look great with a pair of jeans, this is the one.

This tee has been designed to enhance your physique. Read what guys from our community think about the Gym Tapered Tee!

Daniel Sullivan

"The Gym Tapered Tee is by far one of my favorite items dropped by Better Bodies. The comfort and stretch during a workout or just lounging at home is amazing.” - Daniel Sullivan

Demetris Ford

"This Better Bodies T-shirt is super comfy. The material is stretchy and breathe well. This tee is a great year-around t-shirt for the gym and everyday wear. It is comfortable with a slim design that fits perfect. Repeat wear, no doubt!" - Demetrus Ford

"For me, as a performance athlete, fit is less important than performance when it comes to training garments. The Gym Tapered Tee sits on top of the list for me when it comes to training apparel. It is lightweight and wicks sweat, and it moves with you when you move, which for me is really important. You can barely feel you're even wearing it. It's definitely one of my most favorite shirts to train in. It doesn't bunch, it doesn't cling, it doesn't get heavy and weighted with sweat. It is made in a good material which you can layer, and it is comfortable. These are all reasons why it makes it to the top of my list for training shirts." - Ian Gaines

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