Risk To Play - No Regrets

Every man dies. Not all men really LIVES. -William Wallace

We invite IFBB Bikini pros Narmin Assria and Kaylie Fountain to the GASP & Better Bodies HQ for training, product shoots, barbecues aaaaaand to get the sh!t scared out of them. (That last part was a surprise).

If you want a life that is fulfilling and sometimes thrilling, you got to be willing to get out of your damn comfort zone. Think big and have the guts to go out and get it.

This team outing to the Moxley Manor Haunted House was a good change of pace and a different side of Narmin and Kaylie y'all probably haven't seen.

That was intense. The clown part was cool though. - Kaylie Fountain

MJ, I will never forget this! NEVER! - Narmin Assria

What ever stage you are in bodybuilding, career or life, do something that scares you out of your comfort zone. What should be really scary is NOT risking it...

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