Rockaway Leggings

Better Bodies Tights and Leggings have been popular among fitness minded women through decades.

The Rockaway Leggings, one of our most popular seamless leggings, have grown to become a community favorite. If you get yourself a pair you're likely to add a second and third pair pretty fast.

Why are these seamless leggings so popular?

Maybe it is the lightweight seamless fabric creating a free feeling that allows for unrestricted movement both inside and outside of the gym. Maybe it is the high waist that can be folded down to create multiple looks... Or maybe it is the knitted Better Bodies curves at the sides that accentuate your heard earned curves.

We've connected with some of our ambassadors to get some real feedback on why these leggings are on top of their list.

"I love these leggings! Rockaway Leggings has the perfect fit, stretchy over thighs and bum, but still fits my waist. Definitely a favorite for every workout!" - Kine Paola Sæter

Rockaway Leggings

"Rockaway Leggings are my "go to leggings" as they'll always match the top and provides a clean and cool look. They are tight, and even after being worn and washed a lot they'll still keep their shape, even in the waist. To be a pair of basic tights, I have to admit that these are one of my absolute favorites. I love the fabric, the fit and that they have a high waist that can be folded so that I can pick the waist height based on preference of the day." - Sandra Jokic

Rockaway Leggings Sandra Jokic

"Rockaway Leggings are my favorite leggings because they are thin, follows my curves and accentuates butt and legs." - Anna Stålnacke


"The Rockaway Leggings are my absolute favorite leggings. I love that they are seamless." - Narmin Assria

Narmin Assria Rockaway Leggings

These seamless leggings are available in 6 colors ranging from XS to XL. (XL available in selected colors from February 2020).

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