Tencel - An Environmental Friendly Material

In today’s day and age, we are becoming increasingly cognizant of our environment, and the effects that we have as humans have on it. Have you ever put thought into the fabric that you wear and what it takes to make it or what happens to it once it has reached the end of its lifecycle? Probably not and that is okay because we have.

Better Bodies is a brand built on the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. A healthy mind, a healthy body, and a healthy planet. The use of the Tencel fabric, which is a material from Lenzing Fibers is just one more piece of the puzzle to our commitment to the environment.

Tencel uses the natural cellulose in the wood pulp of fast growing trees that do not need pesticides to grow. The most commonly eucalyptus or beech trees. The result is a fully biodegradable fiber which is economical in its use of energy and natural resources.

The process used to extract the cellulose fiber from the raw material is done in a closed system using a safe and biologically decomposable chemical substance. The closed system means that 99.5% of the solution is recycled and reused, while the remaining .5% is broken down by a biological sewage treatment plant.

Aside from the environmental benefits, this fabric is ideal for athletic wear. Tencel can absorb three times its body weight in moisture, which is significantly more than that of polyester or cotton. It is cool and gentle to the touch and reduces body temperature. Also this material resists bacterial growth which means no smell, so no need to worry about stinking up your gym bag.

The Chelsea T-Back, is one of our hottest new tanks which is made in this award winning (The European Award for the Environment) environmentally friendly fabric. This week we also add the Madison T-Back to our assortment which is another tank which is made of this fabric.

Donna Bruns, Head of Buying and Design says, “While Tencel lyocell arguably is on of the most environmentally sound viscose fabrics, we continuously monitor the developments in this particular area to ensure that we always have the most sustainable alternative in our product range.”

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