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"With great power comes great responsibility..." -Uncle Ben We caught up with Trish and Branch Warren along with a great crew of ladies including Desunka Dawson, Amanda Blancett, Christina Heath, Cherie, Tina and Bree'Anna Lucero all the way to the Warren's farm and gun range for some work hard play hard.

First and foremost, shooting is a favorite pastime for these gals and as the title suggests- great responsibility is needed when handling firearms.

We start off the day warming up with some proficiency exercises on some non moving targets and then segue into the training + shooting combo.

You're going to run down to the corner (bout 800 meters), run back then we have 20 jump squats, push the sled, 20 push-ups, 20 burpees and then run over to the target and shoot 5 rounds in the chest and 5 rounds in the head. Any questions?

Training and then being proficient with your aim is a huge adrenaline rush along with being a great way to be active and get outdoors with your friends who also appreciate firearms and redlining the adrenalin a bit.

This is awesome. Shooting while stressed is fun. -Christina Heath

After several drills with the training the crew moved to covered shooting and then more training and proficiency. Needless to say these ladies worked up a huge appetite after this trip to the farm. Stay tuned for a lot more training and lifestyle with these ladies and more.

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