5 Tips For A Strong March with Jackie Masete

Swedish Figure Champion and Better Bodies Ambassador Jackie Masete gives her best tips around how you'll get as strong as possible during the month.

1. Back to basics Focus on base exercises such as deadlifts, chins and squats. These are the ones that gives pure strength! Take your time and dare to try something new, maybe sumo deadlifts or stiff deadlifts might be your next favorite.

2. Technique is king Take the opportunity to spend some time working on your technique. When that's in place, you'll reach your strength goals faster without getting any injuries on the way. Try using a lighter weight and focus on muscle mind connection. It will be worth it in the long run.

3. Make it heavy When you have the technique in place, make sure you put on some extra weight on that barbell. You have to challenge yourself to develop. But make sure to periodize your scheme with lighter weeks as well, then you can give it your very best both in mind and physically when the heavy week approaches

4. Tools for support Is your grip to weak? Work on it! But sometimes it's also a good idea to use tools such as lifting straps to enable to max out in the most heavy lifts.

5. Have fun Probably the most important point on this list. If you really find that what you´re doing at the gym (or outside of it) is fun and thrilling you'll lift more and heavier without thinking of it. And everything has a greater point when it's done with joy! Now is the perfect time to set up a fun challenge, try to say hi to a new person at the gym every day, or give a compliment on their technique. Spreading positive energy will always get back to you, I promise!

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