Students Living a Better Bodies Lifestyle

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The Better Bodies community consist of people from all walks of life. However, a large portion are students. We decided to ask some of them some questions that may serve as inspiration for other students out there.

These are the questions we asked, scroll down to read the answers.

1. What are you studying and when are you estimating to be done?

2. What are your plans after completed studies? Career choice, dream job etc.

3. How often do you train and why?

Nicklas Ekegren (27)

I am Studying Digital Marketing and Sales Analytics at IHM Business School. I chose this because I wanted to increase my business knowledge. I have my own ski goggle brand (EW Performance) and I am also starting a Digital Marketing Agency (maximerce). 

I am graduating in June and after that I will continue to working on expanding my business. to expand. After everything I've learned while studying, I feel quite confident about what’s ahead of me. I see myself as a business person and my goal is to have different companies, hopefully I can start something in the fitness industry too. 

I train about 4-6 days per week. I mostly do weightlifting and I also do boxing 1-2 times per week. I work out to stay healthy and fit. I always strive to be the best version of myself and for me fitness is not a hobby, it's a lifestyle. 

My favorite Better Bodies item is the Team BB Tank! I have all colors.  

Nicklas Ekegren

Nelli Lehtinen (22)

I’m studying Business Administration at Saimaa University of Applied Sciences and I’ll hopefully graduate in December 2021. Right now I am also working part-time to gain some experience. Balancing school and work is sometimes really hard as I don't have much spare time, but I love to challenge myself.

I love accounting and numbers so my dream is to become an accountant after I graduate. Also, I want to educate myself more so I am thinking of getting my Master’s in accounting one day.

I train 8 times per week (5 times gym and 3 HIIT training sessions). My short term fitness goal is to compete in bodyfitness so I am working on preparing for that. Long term I want to improve my physique and win as many times as possible.

My favorite Better Bodies item is definitely the Nolita Seamless LS. I own 4 of them in 3 different colors.

Nella Lehtinen

Gina Nikita Søbstad (19)

I am studying to become a real estate agent at BI(Norwegian business school). It's a bachelor program so I am estimating to be done in 2 years. 

My plans after I've completed my studies is to work as a real estate agent. I've also thought about becoming a personal trainer.

I really look forward to work out every time and I try to train 5 times per week. My goals in the gym are to become stronger (especially in the big lifts like deadlifts and squats).

Astoria Seamless Bra is my favorite Better Bodies item because it has a perfect fit. I also love the Rib Seamless Leggings.


Mattis Vainikainen (42)

I've been working as a pupil assistant for 7 years and and I felt like changing it up. I'm currently studying to become a Net developer (Programming c# / and I will be done summer 2021.

After the studies I might be starting a mobile application business together with 2 classmates. I'm not sure what my dream job would be, but maybe at a bigger company developing AI (Artificial Intelligence).

I work out 5-10 sessions each week because I really LOVE working out. The feeling afterwards is amazing. The time spent at the gym is my own time that I use to re-charge my mental batteries. I train with 100% focus and progress is my fuel. I think it is really important to find something that re-charges your mental batteries to make sure you're capable of taking care of yourself and your family.

Right now I'm working on my summer shape with good nutrition and some morning cardio. I don't really like cardio but it is important. In the future I'll compete again in Veteran Men's Physique. Competing makes me work out harder. It's also amazing to see others fighting to reach their goals so I'll keep working as a fitness coach even after my studies.

I really love the new Better Bodies Gym Tapered Tee.

Mattis Vainikainen

Marusa Novak (21)

I am studying Organization and Management of Human Resources and Educational Systems and I hope I will graduate during the school year 2020/2021. I may continue with a Master’s Degree within International Business Management. During this year my plan is also to get a dietitian licence. My dream job would be within management so I would like to get a role like that in addition to my training and competing in IFBB.

I'm training 5-6 times per week, although when I am in show prep I train 6 times per week and do 30-60 minutes of cardio every day. The main reason I am training is physical and mental health. I love to challenge myself to be better and I always want to beat my limits when I lift at the gym. I strive to prove to myself that I can do everything I want and have set my mind to achieve. This whole process is a long journey and you learn so much about your mental health and your body. It is really interesting to see what your body can do. My short term Fitness goal is to compete during the fall and spring next year. I want to improve from the last competition and my long term goal is to have a bigger audience on Instagram, obtain supplement sponsorships, participate in larger shows, and have my own e-books.

The Rockaway Leggings in Washed Green is my favorite Better Bodies item.

Marusa Novak

Konstantinos Avraam (27)

I am studying BSC (Hons) Sports and Exercise Science. After completing the studies I am planning on advancing to further education, specifically, acquiring a Masters Degree in Dietetics.

I aspire to make a difference in people’s lives. My career will be related to nutrition and dieting, in order to help people make fundamental changes in their lives by changing their relationship with food. The reason why, I am interested in helping people to make better dietary choices is because I used to be overweight and I know the struggles that come with excess body fat. I would like to make people feel better about themselves by achieving their body goals.

I typically exercise 4 to 6 times per week since I have experienced the health benefits of exercise first-hand. I am a firm believer that exercise not only has a beneficial effect on your body, which is easy to observe, it also improves my mental health drastically.  When I exercise, I feel more energetic, I am more committed to my goals, and my healthy lifestyle.  Moreover, by exercising and motivating myself to attend the gym, I am able to motivate others to follow my example.

For the time being, my goals are to remain healthy and to maintain the quality of my body, in terms of body fat and muscle percentage. Also, I aim to maintain my fitness levels, in terms of stamina and strength. In conclusion, my goal the time being is to remain at my top game, without compromising the hard work that I have achieved.

Within the next 5 years, I would like to take part in a fitness competition. Not only for the amazing experience it would be but also, because I have yet to challenge myself in this way.  My main goal in my fitness journey, up to now, has been to establish a healthy lifestyle and improve the quality of my body. However, I am at a stage in my journey, where I am confident enough to begin training for a certified competition.

I love all Better Bodies items. However, if I had to pick one as my favorite it has to be Basic Logo Tee in black. I have yet to find a better exercising T-shirt. I love how light it is and it allows my body to breath while exercising. Overall, it is the most comfortable sports T-Shirt I have tried.

Katie Wolfe (29)

I am studying for a Doctorate in Physical Therapy at University of Southern California and I expect to be done by 2023. I am working on my DPT and also focusing on neurological research. After I finish studying, I would like to work at an inpatient physical therapy clinic assisting in neurological rehabilitation for those with traumatic brain injury, stroke and other neurological disorders.

I train 6 days a week focusing on lifting and cardio. I am a multi time nationally qualified  bodybuilding athlete and I want to go pro in the IFBB league within the next couple years!

I am dedicated to my training because I am a vegan athlete and I want to educate people about plant based lifestyles while also being able to build muscle! I want to become an IFBB pro and eventually be able to compete on the Olympia stage as one of the first vegan athletes to make it to Olympia.

My favorite Better Bodies item is the Chelsea Sweater because it goes with everything. Especially my dark green camo one!

Katie Wolfe

Mathilda Björding (26)

I’m currently studying Health Education at Halmstad University and I’m estimated to be done 5th of June 2020.

To be honest I don’t have any plans for when I’ve graduated. I do have a job sorted over the summer at a school for kids with special needs, afterwards I’m not sure. I might do another course in nutrition or I might apply for a job. All I know is that I want to work with health and to help people in some way. After I studied nutrition and how to optimize your food intake in relation to your training, I got interested in the whole aspect of nutrition and how it effects your body. I might continue on that track.

At the moment, I’m training for Alströmerpokalen, where I hope to do a debut in bikini fitness. I’m currently doing 6 strength workouts per week; 3 upper body and 3 lower body sessions. I also do about 5 cardio sessions a week.

My short-term goal is to compete in bikini fitness and my long-term goal with my training is just to stay healthy and active. I love to push my body to the limit and get my body moving. I want to live long and be able to keep up with the kids when/if I have some.

I’m in love with the new High Waist Leggings, Heather Pink, they’re so comfortable and the color is on point!

I use student deals all the time, Studentbeans, Studentkortet and Mecenat. Best part of being a student!


Kristin Furset (22)

I’m studying to become a physio therapist and I have one year left. The last competition I did in fitness was the Norwegian Championships where I placed 3rd in my class. I also qualified to do the Nordic Championships. At that time I was 7 days per week at the gym plus cardio almost every day and my days were quite busy.

When I have completed my current studies, I want to take a master and work as a physio therapist. I really want to try working at a hospital, to see how that works. And after some experience I'll move back to my home town and start up a fitness center and private physio therapy clinic. I also want to combine this with being a personal trainer personal trainer.

I currently train 7-days a week, because time allows it but also because I really love it.

I hope to compete again this year, and I would like to do the Norwegian Championships and Nordic Championships again to see how far I can get.

I love the gym, and I love the way my body and mind feels like after a workout so I won't ever quit going to the gym. It is my second home, and where I can focus on myself.

My favorite Better Bodies item is the Vesey Cropped Hood. I also love the seamless tights and long sleeves.


Dan Eriksson (31)

I am studying to become a Health Educator at the Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciencesin Stockholm (Gymnastik- och idrottshögskolan). I'm on my last year and I'm estimating to take my degree this Fall 2020.

My plan is to make a career as a Health Educator and coach on both individual and group level. The Health Educators’ job is to prevent risk factors for bad health and preserve health, both physically and mentally. Health and physical activity is my passion in life. And with this I can help people to a healthier and stronger lifestyle.

For me, as long as I can help people and love the job I’m doing, I’m happy!

I train every day. This began after my last competition last winter when I tested two variations of training schedules: One was low volume, high frequency. The other was high volume, low frequency. The purpose was to see how my body responded.

After 4 months I discovered that the low volume, high frequency put too much stress on my tendons and joints. But the other schedule was perfect. I have about 96h rest between each muscle group which is enough time for my body to recover.

I feel so much better, both physically and mentally, working out every day. A rest day only bores me out completely and it makes me go nuts as I have a hard time to sit still in general. However, if I feel sick or have important matters to attend to, I can skip a day at the gym.

My goals are always to be a better me. I am my own opponent. But other than that I want to add more mass to my legs and chest, shoulder and lats to create a more X-shaped body which is crucial in my discipline: Classic Bodybuilding. Adding strength and endurance is also important for me since I compete in Athletic Fitnessfive, and I have a passion for powerlifting. My long term goal right now is to win the Swedish Nationals before aiming for Classic Physique.

I have so many favorite Better Bodies items. I love the BB Duffel Bag, Stanton Sweatpants and Stanton Hoodie. At the gym I usually wear tank tops such as the Essential T-back and Hamilton Tank.

Dan Eriksson

Hanna Jazic (29)

I am studying the preschool teacher program and will be done spring 2022. My plan is to work as a preschool teacher. I love kids! 

I train around 5 times per week. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Besides studying I also work in a residential home, caring for people with dementia. I have a toddler at home as well so it's a bit of a puzzle to fit everything in one day. If I don't have time to go to the gym I usually go out for a walk or just rest and recover. Family time is important, but so is the me time, so I try to organize my day and make use of every minute. 

My long term fitness goal is to be the best version of me, both physically and mentally. Exercising makes me feel strong and alert and I perform much better in school and at work if I keep up with my gym routines. My short term fitness goals are currently to build a wider back and more massive shoulders, legs and glutes. 

The Trinity Hood is probably my favorite Better Bodies item because it's such a multi-functional item. You can use it literally anytime. In school, at the gym, outside, inside. It's big, comfortable and has a flawless design.


Diana Ozolina (24)

I am studying for my Master's Degree in Computer Science, it is estimated to be done this year, 2020. As soon as these studies are completed, I will start studying to become a certified Fitness trainer. At the moment I am balancing full time studies and full time work as an IT Infrastructure Solutions Consultant.

I would like to say that I train every day, but of course there are exceptions. As I go to the gym early in the mornings, the gym is a great motivator for me to wake up. On a regular everyday basis I wake up at 5 AM. After my workout I feel fresh and motivated to get my work and studies done. Training comes natural for me. I sit still at the office or university all day and I love food, so I have to move!

I am a Bikini Fitness competitor, but until the next season I want to get ready to compete in the next discipline, Shape, which requires more defined muscles. I am committed to go to the World Championships someday, and the main reason I haven't done it so far is that I have to overcome my stage fright. One of my first orders from Better Bodies was the Camo High Tights, these tights are my most worn. They just make me feel and look strong.


Monika Brodzinska (20)

I am studying a Bachelor’s program, Urban and Regional Planning at Uppsala University. The program is 3 years and I'm about half way through. My plan is to get add a Masters degree which takes an additional 2 years.

After studies I want to start working to gain some initial experience locally. After that I'd like to work for an international company. That may give me the opportunity to work in other countries. Lately, I've started thinking about working with politics as it has caught my interest to change a few aspects that I consider to be unfair in our society.          

I usually train 6 times a week. My goal is to compete in bikini fitness which requires some hard work and effort. Training is also my therapy which takes me away from ”everyday thoughts and stress”. The gym is a place where I can be myself and challenge my limits. 

My short terms goal within fitness is to compete in Bikini Fitness. Perhaps eventually, I would even like to try Wellness Fitness. I haven't set up any long term goals as I'm studying full time and preparation and training for fitness competitions requires a lot of effort.  In the future, I guess that I would just want to stay strong, healthy and have fun at the gym - at the same time feeling at my best in my Better Bodies outfits.

This year will be my first time I will compete in bodybuilding, so I would like to try it first and then make decisions about the future. It may be the first and last time I will compete, like my coach said ‘’you never know, maybe you are going to love this and take a pro-card in the future or maybe you will just try once and then just work out for fun’’. For now I just want to train to become the best version of myself and try competing. Then I will see, but I still have ideas and ambitions. 

I love the Rockaway Leggings and the Astoria Seamless Bra. These two items are my favorite combination. Rockaway Leggings shows the female curves, feels great and are really comfortable. Astoria Seamless Bra highlights my shoulders and back, which is good when I have back and shoulders training on my schedule. When I wear this outfit, I feel strong and confident which gives me motivation to train harder and get better pump.

I use student discounts when I have the opportunity. As a student I have to save money, and even if I work extra on weekends it can still be a stretch to afford everything. I guess I am little bit shopaholic when it comes to gym clothes and equipment so all these discounts I can get as a student are really helpful. 


Divya Venkat (23)

I graduated with a bachelors degree in Biology and Medical Anthropology. Currently, I am pursuing a masters in Public Health with a focus on leadership in practice to become an epidemiologist within the next year. I also hope to finish obtaining my CPT to train individuals, particularly females, and also teach them about macros and a balanced diet. I preach an 80/20 diet. I train 5-6 x week as a bikini competitor, incorporating cardio and weight lifting in my rigorous training plan.

My favorite Better Bodies item would definitely be the Highbridge Leggings. They’re super comfortable and perfect to wear.



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