Bodybuilding Takeover In Orlando - IRON WORLD TOUR

Work hard play hard is in full swing here in Orlando.

What goes hand in hand with Florida? GATORS! Gators are on the agenda today BUT FIRST we hit up Kissimmee Muscle Gym again for our GASP and Better Bodies meet up and have Jeremy Potvin, Ahmad Ahmad, Irene Andersen, Samir Troudi and Olivia Gravengaard here to meet and train with everyone who is in town for the week and Olympia weekend.

After work hard is play hard. We haul ass to Wild Willys boat tours and cruise the Florida everglades in an airboat. Tons of Gators are in and around the boat and the team gets a thorough education about these American alligators.

Day 2 of the Orlando Iron World Tour produced a massive appetite and GASP CEO Michael Johansson cooks up our favorite wagyu beef from Local Yocal and we end the day with a huge toast to continued success and work hard play hard , NO EXCUSES mentality.

Stay tuned for the rest of the week and following up with all of the world class athletes competing in the 2020 Mr. Olympia.

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