Mr. Olympia Expo and Training Meet Up - Iron World Tour

It's pedal to the metal here in Orlando with a few hours to go before the 2020 Mr. Olympia pre judging. Our athlete team including Guy Cisternino, Derek Lunsford, Shaun Clarida, Hunter Labrada and Irene Andersen are all zoning in to take the Olympia stage and give their best efforts to a perfect peak for this final showing in 2020.

The GASP and Better Bodies team hits up the Olympia expo to meet ambassadors, team mates and industry friends before linking up again at the world famous Kissimmee Muscle Gym.

It's so great to be involved with a team made of people you can really get along with. -Ivana Wilkin

This sport is amazing for being able to adapt and grow not only physically but mentally as well. -Martin Fitzwater

After training and grilling up some steaks, the team settles in and watches Irene Andersen place 5th in the world with the return of the Ms. Olympia, Guy Cisternino successfully coming back to the Olympia stage with stellar size and conditioning, Derek Lunsford securing a top 5 placing again for the 3rd straight year and the Giant Killer Shaun Clarida winning the 212 Olympia! Huge congratulations to Shaun Clarida. This was a truly earned victory! This Iron World Tour has been massively successful in spreading the community vibes, love of training and the NO EXCUSES mentality.

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