Iron World Tour - We Are A Team

It has been non stop action this week in Orlando. The week has culminated into an epic and historic Olympia weekend in many ways.

Shaun Clarida truly showed up and earned his first ever 212 Mr. Olympia victory. Hunter Labrada made his Olympia debut with an awesome 8th place finish in what has to be the toughest line up in recent Olympia history. Jeremy Potvin returned to the Men's physique Olympia stage with a top tier finish as well.

Branch Warren, Guy Cisternino, Keone Pearson, Samir Troudi and the whole GASP and Better Bodies team made plans to meet up at several gyms and meet up with friends and ambassadors of bodybuilding and anything iron related.

It has been a super fun and productive week thus far and lots more to come!

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