Our 3 Best Tights & Leggings For Crossfit

Better Bodies ambassador Elin Söderström is working as a Police Officer and she is a well rounded CrossFit athlete with top placings like 1:st Polis-SM CrossFit 2017 och 2:a 2018 (individual), 1st Highway Games 2018 and 1st Battle of Wermland 2019 (Team).

In September she'll compete internationally at Aphrodite Games Cyprus.

Below Elin is sharing her opinions on which are her favorite tights and legggings for CrossFit and why. She chose 3 different pairs that all have one thing on common.

A bonus with these three tights, besides being extremely comfortable, trendy and having a great fit, is that they are all WOD-proof / squat-proof. With that I mean that no underwear will be visible through the fabric, regardless of movement or "stretch" of the fabric - for example during squats.

1. Camo High Tights

Camo High Tights are the absolute most comfortable tights I've worn. They work for everything CrossFit. The fabric is pretty thin but they fit tight and well on the body. They are even robust and you can lift in them. The waist can be folded down, which I appreciate sometimes.

The fabric feels really comfortable on the body and Camo High Tights are very functional for CrossFit. WOD, cardio (running, rowing, bike), strength and gymnastics - I think Camo High Tights are fret for everything within CrossFit training.

These tights feels like a mix between a pair of really thin and soft tights ad the Chrystie High Tights. They also enhance your natural curves.

2. Chrystie High Tights

Chrystie High Tights fit tight and have a higher waist.

Chrystie High Tights stays in place through the whole workout and this makes them perfect for WODs. They are durable and I love that you don't have to pull them up or adjust them during your workout, no matter what you do.

Besides the function of the tights I like the sporty design of Chrystie High Tights - they look GREAT!

3. Astoria Curve Leggings

Astoria Curve Leggings have an awesome tight fit. You can also choose to wear these higher up or lower in the waist.

Astoria Curve Leggings will stay in place and they are really comfortable. They are great for strength training and squats because they are elastic and move well, but still fit tight on the body. This also makes them great for gymnastics. I would also choose Astoria Curve Leggings for power walks and low intensity recovery / cardio workouts.

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