Fitness For A Police Officer

In this video from the Better Bodies home base, Destination Dallas Texas, we meet Cherie, female police officer, mother, and physique competitor. For Cherie, the gym is as much of a ritual as anyone's cup of coffee or basic hygiene. Training is a routine to keep her sane and provides a release from her sometimes stressful days in law enforcement.

As a female police officer she also uses the gym to gain strength and stay fit. While it may not be visible to the eye, being strong makes Cherie confident in her job, and for anyone familiar with the the law enforcement, confidence in your job is very important .

"The gym is my outlet, if I have a long day, it is a place to just let loose and go ham."

Growing up in Los Angeles, Cherie was extremely active and had a desire to be in the military. After her brother came back from the military he advised her to pick a different route, so she decided to become a police officer. Cherie spent a few years in Louisiana as a police officer before moving to Texas.

"I know that when I am out in the field, the gym and gym training has enabled me to push myself and give that much more strength before my back-up gets there."

The gym is life for many and provides a sanctuary where the everyday stress and worries can be put aside. In so many aspects, training and staying fit can potentially save lives, especially for Cherie with the need for mental and physical strength in her profession, and how she needs a place to wind down and let go of a tough day.

When training, Cherie pushes herself to the max. "The person in prison is working hard, so I need to work harder!"

Cherie is also an active physique competitor and with the addition of the NPC's wellness category, she has found her next competitive endeavor here soon and we are looking forward to see her getting ready for her next physique competition.

Weight training and physical exercise has many well documented benefits for mental and physical health. Not only does it help controlling common health issues like high blood pressure, weight gain, triglycerides and cholesterol. It can also help to improve cognitive function and memory, relieve stress, help you sleep better, and boost your overall mood.

"When gyms are closed I struggle mentally more than physically. Simply because it is my outlet, and my daily schedule involves working out."

Cherie explains that before she found the gym she was a college soccer player. Once that ended she became a "gym head" and spent at least 1,5 hours per workout, sometimes more than once per day.

"If there is no gym, my mentality changes, and I'm not as nice, that's just how it is."

As a female police officer Cherie has had to work harder and be better than many to gain respect in her profession. She replicates the same behavior from gym resistance training when she's in the field simply by using the same mentality of knowing that she can always do one more rep - aka can always push herself a little bit more.


What is the reason that you train; mental health, your job, improving your physique, an upcoming competition, gaining strength, or is it simply to feel good? Join our Better Bodies Community Group on Facebook and share YOUR story.

If you're looking for more fitness and workout motivation, our Better Bodies community page is a source of inspiration for many with its blogs and workout videos covering different aspects of fitness and training.

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