NFL Prospect Innis Gaines

When you ask yourself what will you do to succeed and the answer isn't "everything in my power"... you don't want it bad enough! Innis Gaines grew up in Beaumont, Texas and quickly realized the opportunities that athletics and sports offered. "I realized I could change my family's life if I just did what I needed to do and stayed focused."

Innis excelled in high school sports earning him attention from football scouts and eventually playing for Texas Christian University.

The work ethic and mental power that Innis had to develop thus far is tested over and over again. Everything was building during his collegiate football career with Innis consistently making plays and generating massive attention from the NFL. "I asked, why me?!"

Innis went on to tear his ACL not once but twice. Riding high on his stellar performances to be stopped in his track really tested Innis's will, mind power and work ethic to recover and come back stronger. Innis is covering all bases and everything possible in his training to stay in top shape at the moment he could get called to "go to work."

Check out his full story here!

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