The Love Story

Bryant and I met 7yrs ago (2012) at a dance club in Dallas. We both had and still have a mutual love for EDM/House Music. He was new to the area after recently moving for Arizona for work and I was a working single mom of my soon to be 2yr old son, Jayden. Our “dates” started off as workout sessions in the gym. He had already been a part of the fitness industry for 10yrs working various corporate positions for large gym chains, and I was all very green to it all. Bryant literally laid the foundation of who I am today as a Fitness Professional. After seeing each other for a little while we decided to move in together. Fast forward to 2014 we had our daughter, Blyss. Then shortly after on Valentines Day, 2015 Bryant proposed to me on stage in front one of our favorite DJs, Paul Van Dyk which was completely spontaneous!! Then 4yrs later here we are spontaneously getting married!!

Between us becoming engaged to now I began competing again at the amateur level and after only 3 figure shows (2 of them National Level) I arose to become an IFBB Figure Pro at the 2016 NPC Nationals in Miami. I’ve placed Top 5-10 in every Pro Show since. Also after taking a 5yr break from competing Bryant came out of retirement and started competing again in the Classic Physique Division. Taking 2 back to back overalls his first year back in 2017. Bryant is still fighting himself up the ranks to earn his IFBB Pro Card as well.

Besides family life and competing we also own a very successful personal training business, Polished Symmetry and Aesthetics Personal Training. We offer a variety of services like one-on-one Personal Training, group training, competition prep, posing and more... This is what we do full time and how we provide for our family 🙂

I thought our outfits for our late decided wedding would be perfect in representing who we are as a couple and what we love to do!! I’ve been apart of and have been a representation of Better Bodies the last 3 years. Bryant and I absolutely love the brand!! We share it with others, wear it to local events, (and our own wedding) buy as gifts for ourselves and others because they are comfortable, unique and trendy!

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