Home Training with Nathalia Melo Part 1

Like so many others, Nathalia Melo has been confined to her home for a while. As an active fitness enthusiast and mother this comes with challenges, but also opportunities to advance in home training and think outside of the box. We asked Nathalia some questions about her time spent at home, and also received some specific home training videos back from her.

Scroll down to read the interview and check out part 1 of her home workout videos.

Q: Do you have a suggestion on an effective and good 15-20 minute home work out?

A: Here we go... the video above shows the exercises.  

4 Rounds

20 (Each Leg) Banded Kickback

20 Banded Dumbbell Squat

20 Banded Single Leg Scattered Deadlift

30 Secs Banded Side To Side Shuffle Jump

15 (Each Leg) Banded Alternating Forward Lunge

Q: How does a typical weekday look like for you in these times? 

A: This is such a hard question to answer, especially as my kids are starting to become bored of being at home and our lives are pretty much revolving around their moods.

One thing I do everyday to keep some sense of normalcy is to train every morning as soon as I wake up. I ask my husband to keep the kids while I train, and that makes a good start of the day. 

Once I get done training, not much work related can be accomplished, unless it is done between some Baby Shark dancing in the living room and some attempt at homeschooling. 

Most of my work gets done in the afternoon while the kids nap and gets finished in the evening after they go to bed. 

The afternoons are a bit all over the place depending on my husband’s work schedule too. 

Q: Do you have any advice on how to structure the days with kids at home while working and training from home?

A: I am a big believer that scheduling your workouts as if they were a business meeting is the best thing you can do for yourself and your fitness, regardless of where you train from… but, I do think it is especially true when training from home, as it is easy to get distracted and just leave it for ‘’later’’ and later never comes. 

I am fortunate to have my husband at home, but in the coming weeks he has a few work trips scheduled, so I will be alone with the kids. 

I will be waking up before them to get my workout in, and I know it will be incredibly early… but, I know I am a much better mom and work a lot better when I get to train. 

My best advice is to schedule the workout but not obsess over it, because with kids, life always happens… Even if you can just get 20 mins in, remember that it is still better than nothing. 

Q: What basic home training equipment do you recommend to keep handy to be able to “stay in shape” or just getting started with home training in this situation?

A: Right when the rumors of a full lock-down started to emerge, I bought a lighter set of dumbbells but could only find one heavy dumbbell…

I also had the Better Bodies resistance bands and glute bands, and all my workouts have been done just using these items. 

I've had to get extra creative, but I am loving to have to think outside of the box to create fun and effective routines. 

Q: Do you have any reflections after around a month with gyms being closed etc.?

A: I have realized now more than ever how much I enjoy the gym environment, and how it isn't just about the workout… but, the relationships and friendships you build there… feeding off others energy and success. 

With that being said, it has also been a great personal experiment to see that results CAN be accomplished with limited equipment. You just have to stay consistent and keep on showing up… even on the days you don't ‘’feel like it’’. 

One thing I do know… everyone is getting a hug when I get back in the gym. 

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