Why Your Glutes Don't Grow... - Olivia Gravengaard & Ashton Penney

Many obstacles can and should be approached from a problem/solution standpoint.

Problem: not earning enough money

Solution: Learn new skills

Problem: My glutes don't grow

Solution: Learn how to properly activate them IFBB Figure pro Olivia Gravengaard teams up with wellness champion Ashton Penney and bestie Kelsee Tucker for a basic but effective glute and hamstring workout.

It's important to understand that there is no exercises that are the end all be all for any one person. A lot depends on so many factors such as your own structure, the level your at and even where in the workout you place the exercises.

Olivia puts Ashton and Kelsee through the paces with a ton of intermittent knowledge on her method and exercises selection.

I know for the longest time I would try to grow my glutes with certain exercises but I found out I wasn't hinging at my hips to activate my glutes. As soon as I understood this, my glutes started growing.

Check out the exercises here and why and how these ladies execute them.

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