Narmin Assria - Glute Workout

"Glutes are one of the most important aspects of bikini competition. You have to have your training on point to build them. For me that is heavy lifting. I have that mindset and I will go in the gym and commit to lifting heavier and heavier. Put it out there in the universe that you will get stronger, better that you will lift heavier and continually improve."

Narmin Assria understands glutes are built the same as other muscles, with weight bearing exercises and progressive overload i.e. increasingly heavier weights, more volume or shorter rest periods over time. The greater the load the more the muscle will have to adapt in size to accommodate.

Here are some of Narmin's favorite movements for glutes. She explains in detail the how she performs each movement and what she likes about them.

Stay tuned for more Narmin Assria!

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