Balanced Pro Bikini Training - Kaylie Fountain

Kaylie Fountain is a pro bikini competitor who is enjoying her offseason and the workouts that come with not being on a caloric deficit.

I decided to take a break from competing with all the uncertainty that 2020 has brought.

Kaylie flew into Dallas from McAllen, Texas for a fun few days of training, shoots and team building with the Better Bodies crew and Narmin Assria who flew in from Orange Country, California.

In this workout Kaylie is training back and biceps.

I like to start with wide grip exercises for my lats and then move onto closer grips later in my workout.

Kaylie is a fan of always being active and a big advocate for weight training to build the muscle she needs to compete on the pro bikini stage. The offseason is crucial for having the raw materials and nutrition needed to fuel her workouts and her recovery.

Offseason workout are way more fun because I have a ton of energy and I am not starving haha!

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